MLB Power Rankings: Rating each team’s slugging prowess, with Yankees and Twins at the top

Given that this is a Monday, I would usually be doing the internet’s Official MLB Power Rankings — often imitated, never surpassed — but instead we don’t have baseball. We don’t have a lot of things right now as many aspects of life have been halted due to the spread of the coronavirus. What we do have is the ability to provide sports content that’ll make people mull over what their favorite team might look like in 2020 — if we ever do get to watch meaningful baseball this year.

Until we do get our sports back, I’ll be ranking something weekly. Let’s start with slugging. 

When it comes to examining which teams have the most extra-base power for 2020, there are multiple things to consider. We have to adjust for ballpark, somehow. The Rockies are always toward the top of the league in slugging percentage thanks to the thin air and spacious ballpark, for example. Just looking at raw extra-base hits and slugging percentage doesn’t truly tell how good they are at offense, though. On the opposite end, the Giants’ 2019 stats need an upward adjustment (they are moving in the fences, though!). 

And then we have the Astros and Red Sox. What in the world do I do with them? Focusing in on the Astros, we know they have lots of talent. We also have a pretty good feel that they have been cheating with sign-stealing extensively for at least parts of two seasons. It had to help. Most players say it’s way more helpful than any PED would be. I also think they’ll still be a great offensive team. Houston is a tough one to rank.

Since all the players are getting lots of time off, we’re going to assume full health for those with lingering injuries but exclude anyone who is out for the season. 

As such, the Yankees are on top for me. Only three teams slugged over .472 last season: 

  1. Astros: .495
  2. Twins: .494
  3. Yankees: .490

Injuries ravaged the Yankees, too. Gary Sanchez played in 106 games. Luke Voit in just 118. Aaron Judge was on the field for only 102. Giancarlo Stanton had just 72 plate appearances in 18 games. I’m to the point where I won’t trust in Stanton for a full season anymore, but surely he’ll be able to play a lot more and there’s no reason to think the rest of those guys will keep getting hurt to this extent. 

I have to downgrade the Astros a bit due to the cheating scandal, so they’re out of the running for the top spot.

The Twins are right there, though. They added Josh Donaldson to last year’s record-setting mix of power. They are a fine number two. Just as long as they don’t have to face the number one in a playoff series.

As always, these are entirely subjective. You can tell me how perfect they were on Twitter.

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