NBA Sneaker King Power Rankings: Russell Westbrook makes a run; P.J. Tucker laces up the Off-White Jordan 5

With the NBA season winding down and the playoffs on the horizon, you’re going to continue to see the league’s biggest sneakerheads break out their best stuff. You’re going to see customs, you’re going to see player exclusive colorways and the vintage retros that have been on ice all year will finally make an appearance.

Vol. 15 of our NBA Sneaker King Power Rankings is the place to be to find out who you need to be keeping an eye on for the rest of the year. Kicks, kicks and more kicks just a scroll away.

10. Langston Galloway

The NBA’s custom Sneaker King, Langston Galloway, is back in the mix this week. We can’t overstate this enough, but Galloway’s custom sneaker rotation this season has been unreal. If you’re a fan of intricate designs you need to make sure to get a glance of his kicks whenever he hits the court. Galloway’s latest customs are inspired by the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ TV series and were designed by his go-to customizer Andrew Lewis.


Langston Galloway in a pair of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ inspired custom Q4 kicks.

9. Kawhi Leonard

With the debut of his first signature shoe – the New Balance KAWHI – Clippers star Kawhi Leonard now has the option to rotate between two different New Balance models on game day. He made the cut last week with two different KAWHI colorways, but this week he returns after bringing back one of the better looking New Balance OMN1S to drop in the ‘Sundown’ colorway.


Kawhi Leonard wearing the New Balance OMN1S ‘Sundown.’

8. Kemba Walker

Lingering injuries have kept Kemba Walker off the floor for a chunk of the last few weeks, but whenever the Celtics guard suits up he always has some fire on his feet. Walker is one of the longest-tenured Jordan Brand athletes in the league today and he regularly shows off the best of what Jordan has to offer. This season, that means getting to lace up exclusive editions of the Jordan 34 like you can see below.


Kemba Walker rocking a Jordan 34 PE.

7. Zion Williamson

Pelicans rookie Zion Williamson makes for a must-watch game whenever he’s on the court. The guy is a human highlight reel that can seemingly jump from anywhere and put the ball in the basket. Once you’re laser-focused in on Zion, you should catch a glimpse of the kicks on his feet. He was the prized signing of Jordan Brand before the season and they’ve done a tremendous job hooking him up with the latest editions of the Jordan 34, two of which you can see below.


Zion Williamson wearing the Jordan 34 ‘Infrared 23.’

6. Tobias Harris

76ers forward Tobias Harris is one of the most consistent sneakerheads in the NBA and he knows it. “There are a lot of guys that have Kobe heat, but this is all I rock,” he told CBS Sports last month when asked where he stacks up against the other biggest Kobe line collectors in the league. This week’s highlights include the Nike Kobe 8 ‘Playoff Purple’ and the Kobe 8 ‘System Green.’  


Tobias Harris wearing the Nike Kobe 8 ‘Playoff Purple.’


Tobias Harris rocking the Nike Kobe 8 ‘System Green.’

5. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Thunder guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has one of the more consistent shoe games in the NBA. His actual game isn’t bad, either, but you know where we focus on around here. He makes frequent use of the Nike Kobe line and this week he pulled out the Kobe 8 All-Star ‘Area 72,’ a shoe that released for the All-Star Game back in 2013. Gilgeous-Alexander also laced up the Nike Kobe 4 ‘Fade to Black’ when the Thunder faced off against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander wearing the Nike Kobe 8 All-Star ‘Area 72.’

4. Bam Adebayo

The Miami Heat as a whole produce a number of the league’s biggest sneakerheads and Bam Adebayo is a big factor why. Adebayo continues to show off how extensive his Nike collection is by bringing out the Nike Kobe 5 Protro ‘Big Stage/Parade,’ a shoe that has become nearly impossible to attain since the late Kobe Bryant’s death. The Heat big man changed the vibes up some by lacing up the Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Spongebob Patrick’ this week as well.


Bam Adebayo wearing the Nike Kobe 5 Protro ‘Big Stage/Parade.’


Bam Adebayo wearing the Nike Kyrie 5 ‘Spongebob Patrick.’

3. Russell Westbrook

We’re officially at the point where Russell Westbrook is overlooked for what he contributes on the court AND the level of heat he brings with his footwear on a nightly basis. Westbrook, a Jordan Brand athlete, has kept a crispy rotation of new colorways and player exclusive editions of his Why Not Zer0.3 signature going this season. Keep scrolling for just two of the best pairs from Westbrook in the past week.


Russell Westbrook wearing his signature Jordan Why Not Zer0.3.


Russell Westbrook in his Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 ‘Splash Zone’ PE.

2. LeBron James

LeBron James has been enjoying one of the best sneaker seasons of his career and it just got guaranteed to be better after the Lakers clinched a playoff spot on Saturday. James has been lacing up exclusive colorways of his signature Nike LeBron 17 all season and will for sure add a number of different colorways in the playoffs. In the meantime, King James is showing off his LeBron 17 all while going deep into his Nike vault to pull out a vintage LeBron 7 from 2010. Check it out below.


LeBron James wearing a Nike LeBron 17 PE.

1. P.J. Tucker

The NBA’s undisputed Sneaker King P.J. Tucker has a mean tell in his sneaker game, there’s a way to always know when he’s going to pull off something big. What’s the tell? Whenever Tucker’s team is in New York and playing in Madison Square Garden he always does something insane. This week as the Rockets faced off against the Knicks at MSG, Tucker brought out a denim Nike LeBron 6 ‘DJ Clark Kent’ exclusive. On Twitter, we let you know that Tucker ALWAYS does that in New York and someone big agreed. Tucker switched out of the LeBron 6 and decided to lace up one of the most highly-coveted sneakers of 2020 in the Jordan 5 Off-White. At this point, nothing Tucker laces up should surprise any of us.


P.J. Tucker wearing the Jordan 5 Off-White.


P.J. Tucker wearing the Jordan 13 low ‘Chutney.’

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