New Height Adjustment Mechanisms On Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoops

Lifetime Basketball Systems New Height Adjuster

Lifetime Products got into the basketball hoop market by creating an easy-to-use height-adjustment mechanism that would allow users to bring the rim down to a height at which just about anyone could shoot on. That mechanism is called the Quick Adjust and immediately revolutionized the consumer-end basketball hoop industry. Since then, Lifetime Products has produced several variations, with increasing complexity and strength. These mechanisms include the Speed Shift, the Action Grip, the Power Lift, and the Rapid Cam. Each of these mechanisms has the same purpose in mind – allow the user to easily adjust the rim height depending on who is playing. Recently, Lifetime Products has added one more height adjuster to their line of products, the Front Adjust.

Front Adjust Height Adjustment Function

The Front Adjust is a dual squeeze trigger that, when engaged, allows the user to raise and lower the rim in 6-inch increments. The function of the Front Adjust is similar to the Action Grip, in that the Front Adjust uses counter balance springs to provide the necessary strength to raise and lower the backboard. However, that is the end of the similarities between the two mechanisms – the Front Adjust is entirely different from here on. The Front Adust, rather than being behind the pole like other handle adjusters, is positioned so that the triggers can be approached from the front of the pole as this stick out on either side, parallel to the main pole. Thus, rather than going behind the pole to raise and lower the rim height, users of the Front Adjust can approach the mechanism from the front of the pole to engage the system. The system has two triggers to engage the unit, instead of the one on the Action Grip, allowing the user easier control over the mechanism as it slides up and down. So, why is the Front Adjust useful? Who would benefit from this mechanism over another?

Uses of the Front Adjust height Adjustment Mechanism for Lifetime Portable Basketball system

The key in understanding if the Front Adjust is the right unit for you is understanding space limitations. Many times, space for an outdoor court is not limited. People will set up a court on their driveways, or elsewhere, with ease not giving space a second thought. However, other times space is severely limited. Yet, homeowners in this situation want a basketball court just like anyone else. So, consider a homeowner that is setting up a court in their driveway, but needs the system next to a fence, tree, or bush. In these cases, being able to adjust the rim height from the front might be useful as you place the basketball system as close to the obstruction as possible. If the basketball system had an adjustment mechanism behind the pole, that might hamper your ability to access the trigger, or possibly even use it. This mechanism helps wonderfully in this case as you do not need access to the back of the basketball system to activate the mechanism.

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