NFL competition committee members largely against making pass interference reviews permanent

NFL fans, specifically New Orleans Saints fans, know that when it comes to pass interference, there is no clear answer on what is and what isn’t. The league attempted to set a standard for what PI is by giving coaches the ability to challenge the call, but there was still very little consistency when it came to what was considered a penalty. Many coaches seemed hesitant to use a challenge on pass interference as the year progressed due to the unpredictability surrounding ref’s decisions.

The NFL’s competition committee is still trying to figure out how they can perfect, or at least create less confusion with, the penalty in question. Members of the committee are now aware after a season of watching the challengeable call it in motion, that only the most obvious pass interference penalties would be called when a coach challenged a non-call. Last season, just 24 of 101 reviews were reversed.

The committee is in Indianapolis and has met for two days in order to look for a solution. Coaches are unsure, players are confused and fans are upset as some of these plays were critical and towards the end of close games. As a result, many more teams are against making pass interference reviews permanent than are for keeping those reviews.

Many spoke out about the issues the leak is having and the inability to create a universal solution to the problem.

“Overall the results were not great,” Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said, per ESPN. “And I think it really is putting the New York [officiating] office in a very difficult position … But it’s still pretty early [and] we’re looking at different options. Replay has been the most successful when you’re dealing with objective information, and we added a subjective nature to it.”

Murphy continued by saying coaches are not aware of what counts and what doesn’t.

“The challenge for a lot of coaches was trying to determine what’s the standard. The standard was set pretty high. That’s subjective,” Murphy said. “The decision on the field is subjective and then the standard in review is subjective.”

The decision to make pass interference calls reviewable came after that infamous non-call in the 2018 NFC Championship Game between the Saints and the Los Angeles Rams, a play that could’ve set New Orleans up for a Super Bowl appearance. The league created a solution, though it is clear the solution is far from flawless.

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said there is still more room in the league for improvement on this matter. 

“I certainly think we can be better if we have it. That’s what we’re looking at: how can we be better to where you feel good about it,” Jones said, per ESPN.

Consistency is key, and is something the league does not have as of right now. 

It is not yet known what changes, if any, will come to the leagues approach a pass interference calls, though it appears clear the current system isn’t satisfying to many.

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