NFL Draft 2020: Ranking the top five tight end and offensive lineman prospects

The NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and the fellas over at the Pick Six Podcast are doing some of the heavy lifting for us, getting everyone acquainted with the prospects who could be landing with our favorite teams. On Friday’s edition, Senior NFL columnist Pete Prisco joined host Will Brinson to go over the tight end and offensive line prospects. Prisco listed his top five at each spot and gave some explanation as to why he ranks them where he does. 

Right off the bat, Prisco gave us a quick summation of both position groups, which seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. 

“The tight end position in awful,” Prisco said of incoming draft class. “The offensive line position is outstanding.” 

Of course, you can listen to the entire episode below to hear Prisco dive a bit deeper on these prospects and also talk about the near two-dozen players that are viewed as locks to become first round picks later this month (and be sure to subscribe right here for daily NFL goodness fired into your eardrums).

Brinson and Prisco first took on the tight end class, which isn’t held in as high regard as the offensive line or the wide receiver groups. There doesn’t appear to be any locks coming off the board in the first round. As Prisco notes, Notre Dame’s Cole Kmet, his No. 1 tight end prospect, is viewed as a potential first rounder by some, but not necessarily in his eyes. 

“Most people would put Cole Kmet as a first round tight end,” said Prisco. “I think he’s good. I don’t think he’s first round. Guys [around the league] I’ve talked to said no, not in the first round.” 

Dayton’s Adam Trautman is Prisco’s No. 2 tight end and it seems to be up for discussion as to who will have the better career in the NFL between him and Kmet. One thing that is knocking Trautman down is that the level of competition he faced at Dayton wasn’t as strong as what some of his draft classmates faced. Missouri’s Albert Okwuegbunam, Harrison Bryant out of FAU and Stanford’s Colby Parkinson round out Prisco’s top 5. 

Switching gears to the offensive linemen, Prisco highlights that the top four are pretty interchangeable, but all are great prospects nonetheless. Prisco has Georgia’s Andrew Thomas atop his board. 

“I think he’s played top level competition and handed his own in a very impressive fashion,” he said. “He’s got great feet, he can play the right side, he’s tough, he can block in the run game. They ran the ball a lot at Georgia and his tape is impressive.” 

Louisville’s Mekhi Becton is the No. 2 ranked offensive lineman for Prisco, but he doesn’t trail No. 1 by much and could end up being a franchise cornerstone for whichever team takes him. 

“Mekhi Becton is unreal.” Prisco said of the 6-foot-7, 364 pounder. “You look at him and his feet are unreal for a guy that big. It’s almost like he’s tap dancing when he’s pass protecting. My one concern with him is at times he wasn’t as nasty, although people disputed me on that. I think he has a chance to be one of those dominant, stick him in there for 12 years and make him your left tackle guy.” 

Jedrick Wills Jr. out of Alabama and Iowa’s Tristan Wirfs were No. 3 and No. 4 respectfully, before Cesar Ruiz out of Michigan wraps up the top five. Ruiz is an interior lineman who has the ability to play the guard spots, but really thrives at center.

“Best center in the draft and can play guard, Prisco said.”He’s only 20 years old. His best football is in front of him.”

Prisco named the Dolphins, Chiefs and 49ers as solid landing spots for Ruiz. 

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