NFL Free Agency Fantasy Fallout: Jordan Howard fills a need for Dolphins

For most of his NFL career Jordan Howard has ben an underrated Fantasy asset. By signing with the Miami Dolphins, he’ll ensure that lasts at least one more year. The only competition on the roster right now is no competition for Howard. Whether that lasts through the NFL Draft could be another story.

As it stands right now, I’m projecting Howard for 50% of the Dolphins rush attempts and 6% of their targets in 2020. Howard averaged 4.4 yards per carry last year and has a career average of 4.3. I’ve regressed that slightly due to the Dolphins woes in the running game in 2019. I wouldn’t expect they’ll be a good running team this year, but they’ll be improved. I also had to regress his touchdowns, because I just don’t expect the Dolphins to score many times on the ground. Howard has been inefficient as a receiver and won’t see many targets, so that part of the game won’t help his Fantasy value. 

As of right now these assumptions get me to projecting Howard as a low-end No. 3 running back, but I’ll admit I’m hedging. If the Dolphins don’t draft a top five running back, Howard will move higher. But the reason for the hedging is that the Dolphins could also still draft Jonathan Taylor. Remember when the Vikings signed Latavius Murray then drafted Dalvin Cook?

Time will tell just how underrated Howard is going to be this draft season. Here are the rest of the Dolphins 2020 projections as of March 17:

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