NFL Free Agency Fantasy Fallout: Rams cut Todd Gurley, opening door for Darrell Henderson and Malcolm Brown

The Rams announced Thursday they were cutting Todd Gurley. We’ve heard plenty of rumors the team was trying to move him, but it was a bit shocking to see a player released who has produced so much over the past four years. We’ll have plenty on possible Gurley landing spots, but for now I want to look at what this means for those still in Los Angeles. 

The Rams ran the ball 401 times in 2019 with Gurley accounting for 55.6% of those attempts. As the roster stands right now, Malcolm Brown and Darrell Henderson are left to pick up the pieces. Brown was the back McVay trusted more last year, but Henderson is far more exciting a prospect. For now I’m projecting an even split in terms of carries with Henderson taking on a majority of the work in the passing game. Reports from this summer (or a significant acquisition) could absolutely change the math

The one place that may be seriously impacted in this offense is in the red zone. Rams running backs (mostly Gurley) have averaged 21.3 touchdowns over Sean McVay’s three years in Los Angeles. I wouldn’t expect they’ll approach that number without Gurley, which could be a a boost for Tyler Higbee. 

Higbee broke out last year, but in a way that looked suspicious. The Rams tight end target share exploded and a lot of those targets came at the expense of the running backs. I was skeptical that would carry over into 2020, but I’m more likely to believe it now. 

There are still rumors that the Rams could cut or deal Brandin Cooks, and there are still plenty of dominoes to fall in the NFL Draft and the rest of free agency. But as things stand right now, Henderson becomes an upside No. 3 running back, Brown a deeper flex who should definitely be drafted and a slight boost to Higbee gets him into my top 10 tight ends. 

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