Oklahoma softball team breaks NCAA record for most home runs in a game with 13 dingers

Oklahoma Sooners Softball
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Oklahoma, the No. 4 ranked softball program in the country, started its season smashing home runs and record books on Thursday. The Sooners set an NCAA record for most home runs in a single game with 13 of them against UTEP.

It wasn’t even the only record they set in that game, tying the NCAA record for most home runs in a single inning twice (first and fourth innings) with five. Oklahoma also smashed its program record of most home runs in the game — admittedly a bit of an obvious statement, but still notable — which was nine homers. All of the tater mashing resulted in a 29-0 score line that would even make NFL defenses blush.

The previous home run record was set at 10 and shared by two programs: BYU in 2008 and UTSA in 2004. Right from the jump the game against UTEP became less about simply winning and more about leaving their mark on the sport for many years to come, as the Sooners came out of the gate firing with 13 runs in the first inning alone.

Oklahoma also won its second game of the day in the Miner Invitational. That one was another shut out at 9-0 against Abilene Christian.

If there’s any upside to both teams, but particularly UTEP, after getting thoroughly trounced on Thursday is that it’s the beginning of a new season, meaning things can’t get much worse from here.

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