Packers trade up for Jordan Love: Green Bay perfect spot for developmental QB behind Aaron Rodgers

Had Jordan Love been drafted by a team that would’ve pushed him to start in Week 1, or, really, anytime as a rookie, things could’ve gotten ugly fast. 

As a true gunslinger who can make ridiculous things happen with his athleticism and arm-strength combination, Love can also take major risks and put the ball into precarious situations much more frequently than any offensive coordinator would like. 

Instead, he lands in a prime redshirt scenario in Green Bay with the Packers behind Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay traded up from No. 30 to Miami’s spot at No. 26. Green Bay gave up No. 30 and a fourth-round pick to get there.

Yes, Love has Patrick Mahomes type style to his game. He can flick the football deep down the field from any platform without his feet perfectly set, and he showcased the ability to simply win from inside the pocket. 

His three biggest issues come from a propensity to leave the pocket a touch too early at the first sign of pressure, a tendency to not see underneath coverage defenders, and being a tick late on long throws outside the numbers. But I respect the creativity he brings to the field, especially as a more improvisational trend at the quarterback spot is being ushered into the league by some of the game’s best young passers. 

Also, Rodgers has made an abundance of awe-inspiring, off-script throws in his Hall of Fame career. Stylistically, he’s not drastically different than Love.

Like Mahomes, Love is destined to sit (at least) his first season in the NFL to spend time in practice and in the film room learning the nuances of reading coverages, deciding when/when not to take risks, and how to drift inside the pocket from a savvy veteran.

This is a pick we may not see pay off until 2022, but that’s the type of situation Love needed to land in to maximize his chances to be successful. 

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