Patriots fan put flowers in front of TB12 store after Tom Brady announced he was leaving New England

If you’re a Patriots fan, this has not been a fun week. Six-time Super Bowl champion and New England hero Tom Brady announced on Tuesday that he will not be returning to the Patriots next season. He is expected to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, though no official announcement has been made yet. 

After 20 years, 17 division titles, 13 AFC Championship appearances, nine Super Bowl appearances, six Super Bowl wins and much, much more, the fan base grew rather attached to the California kid. In this time of mourning for the poor fanbase that is watching their GOAT leave, they have found different ways of coping and thanking the QB. One fan left flowers in front of Brady’s TB12 Performance & Recovery Center located in Boston.

Yes, like a memorial. Like I said, these fans are very attached.

There were also two signs in front of his business, one that said “Thank you Tommy” and another with a rather aggressive message to team owner Robert Kraft that read, “Drop dead Kraft.” The people of Boston are known to always be kind. 

For many New Englanders “Tawmy” felt more like family than an athlete they watched on television on Sunday, or sometimes Monday or Thursday. As a Massachusetts native myself, I’ve seen what this guy means to the five-and-a-half states of New England. I’m leaving out that half of Connecticut that roots for New York teams, they do not get a shoutout.

People would give their right arm to Brady if he asked and I swear people loved him more than they loved some family members. My grandmother would probably rank him pretty high in her “grandkids power rankings” if you asked her to list who she loves the most, I mean she does have his photo on her fireplace. 

Now that he’s gone, New Englanders are trying to cope with it all and welcome a new era at Gillette Stadium. I am here to remind Pats Nation that he’s still alive, he’s still in the league… he’s just going to be wearing a different uniform. Stay strong. 

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