Pete Alonso, Luis Rojas surprise 82-year-old Mets fan with messages following cancer diagnosis

Major League Baseball, like many sports leagues around the world, has been shut down indefinitely because of the growing threat that is the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Spring Training has been suspended and Opening Day has been pushed back to at least mid-May, and that remains subject to change as the situation develops.

As much as we love it, baseball is the furthest thing from the mind of many fans at the moment. Among them is an 82-year-old Mets fan named Kathleen and her 18-year-old granddaughter, Ally. Kathleen, a die-hard Mets fans since the 1960s, was recently diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and given only a few weeks to live.

Following her grandmother’s diagnosis, Ally took to social media to reach out to the Mets and ask whether they could contact her grandmother and lift her spirits. Here is Ally’s message:

The Mets delivered and then some. Reigning Rookie of the Year Pete Alonso sent Kathleen a video message and new manager Luis Rojas spoke to her on the phone.

Here is video of Kathleen hearing from Alonso and Rojas:

“I appreciate your lifelong support and as always, let’s go Mets!” Alonso said in the video.

COVID-19 and MLB’s shutdown is a reminder that there are things in this world that are much bigger than baseball, but baseball is very big in its own right. Fandom spans generations. It brings friends and family together, and bring us joy (and sometimes heartbreak too). 

Kathleen has been with the Mets since the start. She’s been there for the good and the bad throughout the franchise’s history. Great work by the Mets reciprocating and reaching out to her in her time of need. Bravo.

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