Poll Attacks: One AP voter moves Michigan State up on his ballot amid three-game losing streak

If you follow college basketball even a little, you probably know Michigan State has been struggling. The Spartans are 3-5 in their past eight games and currently on a three-game losing streak.

They went 0-2 last week.

So on Sunday, after Saturday’s 77-68 loss to a Michigan team that entered having lost nine of its previous 15 games, I dropped Michigan State completely out of the CBS Sports Top 25 And 1 daily rankings. And I was not surprised when AP Top 25 voters followed suit Monday.

It was the sensible thing to do.

But … there’s always one.

This #PollAttacks column was built on it. And, this week, the one AP voter not paying attention is Troy Provost-Heron, who writes for The Daily Times in Knoxville. He had Michigan State ranked 15th on his ballot last week. Then, Michigan State lost a home game to Penn State and a road game to Michigan. So Troy responded by … MOVING MICHIGAN STATE UP TO NO. 14 ON THIS WEEK’S BALLOT!

What in the world?

How can a team go 0-2 in a week with a loss at home and a loss on the road (to an unranked team) and move up, from No. 15 to No. 14, on an AP ballot? So ridiculous. But Troy has a history of doing inexplicable things like this. He’s a #PollAttacks repeat offender because of inexplicable things like this.

Come on, Associated Press!

Is it really impossible to find 65 voters who pay attention?

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