Premier League could stage games every day over the summer without fans to complete season, per report

Nobody knows just how, when or if the European soccer season will continue, but it looks like the Premier League has a plan in place. During the coronavirus outbreak, leagues all over the world have been suspended and summer competitions have been moved to next year. With UEFA aiming for seasons to be completed by June 30, the Premier League has 92 games left on the schedule. Just this weekend, UEFA’s president said the season will be lost if league’s don’t resume play by the end of June at the latest, but it looks like the Premier League is hopeful it will resume before then.

The Premier League’s plan involves team camps and matches in June and July with games likely behind closed doors, according to The Independent. The report says the plan would be to play televised games in isolated “World Cup-style” camps in London and the midlands across the two main summer months. The expectation would be for those games to be played without spectators, with the television contracts increasing the pressure on clubs to find a solution, according to the report. 

This would result in games nearly every day over the summer, according to the report, all of which would be televised in England. In the United States, more Premier League games are available on television than in England. The report also says there would be a chance to play games every day, which has the backing of the government, especially if the country’s lockdown is extended or made stricter. The government reportedly sees it as something the nation can rally behind as most people remain in insolation. 

To make this happen, clubs would stay at separate hotels away from their families, just as is the case during tournaments like the World Cup and Euro, and it would include full testing and quarantine conditions to reduce the risk of contract COVID-19.

The Premier League has not officially commented on its plans nor has it publicly proposed potential solutions to wrap up the season. Liverpool is currently in first place in the league, leading second-place Manchester City by 25 points, with most of the league having completed Matchday 29. 

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