Prolific Basketball Shooting Review – An Honest, IN-DEPTH Look at the Course

Taylor Allen has gone all out on this new course, Prolific Basketball Shooting! It is definitely the compilation of hard work, detailed analyzing, and polishing. For those of you who haven’t been following up on Taylor’s videos, he is definitely an expert in the field. I wanted to do a personal review, as a basketball coach and league player, of the product. Let’s start from the floor up!

What you will get from the Prolific Basketball Shooting course (that you won’t hear anywhere else):

1) The Unstoppable Scoring Moves, which are 12 different moves that are broken down in detail and taught in a step by step format. These are 12 of the deadliest moves on earth, for explosive shots with ACCURACY, under all situations.

2) How to Shoot 95% from the Free Throw Line; see there is one key thing that almost every player messes up when they step to the line. Now, if you can fix this problem, your strokes from the line will be so automatic that you don’t even have to think about it, which results in that 95% shooting average at the line.

3)The Prolific Shooting Youth Program, which caters to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Taylor included this in the course, because the course is so advanced, in order to complement the more difficult parts. The purpose of this beginner to intermediate course is for you to work through it and then on to the more advanced stuff.

4) The Lost Tapes, which is step by step real-time workout footage of Taylor going through each of the workouts. These tapes are in heavy detail, and no stone is left unturned.

5) The Gym Swipe File, which is very important. You see, it is a hard thing to change up a shot that you have been using for years. What this is is the full 16 week game changing program designed to strategically and systematically rework your shot from the ground up and get your shooting at the highest percent possible, making you a prolific shooter.

6) Some more, undisclosed information that are some of the most well kept secrets in pro basketball, which I won’t (and can’t) reveal and leave you to find out for yourself!

Source by James Hosh

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