Pursuing A College Basketball Coaching Position is No Time to Be Picky

As I have mentored young coaches over the past 25 years I have found the experience very fulfilling. There is nothing like a young coach full of passion and energy toward coaching just bursting at the seams for his big opportunity. I know the feeling because I was once there. Does any of this describe you? If so read this article very carefully.

Recently I heard from a young coach in Missouri with the goal of becoming a college coach. He immediately enrolled in my one-of-a-kind teleseminar, “The Path to College Coaching.” This pushed him to aggressively attack the goal in front of him. In less than a week he had no less than 3 possible opportunities at entry level college coaching jobs. He drove 300 miles to get audience with a head coach at one school and this effort got him in a small group of finalists.

In the last week, he emailed me saying that a lot of the open jobs did not include graduate assistantships tied to the coaching position. It was at this point I was prompted to remind him that he is pursuing a profession with a microscopic chance at landing his dream job. My advice was to chase “any college coaching job” for now. All young coaches need is a chance to get their foot in the door, and this is no time to be picky!

This was my response to him:

“Whether of not an entry level position includes a graduate assistantship or not, it’s the opportunity you want, however it’s wrapped! You get one of those jobs, get a job in the community to support yourself financially, and work your ass off like they have never seen before.

Your goal is to make yourself so valuable that they have to: 1. Create a position. 2. Move into the assistant spot because one, you are much better, or two, that assistant moves to another job opening that spot for you. 3. Network like crazy and build yourself the best, widest, strongest network possible. Remember, when you take one of those jobs you are now a COLLEGE Coach! As you correspond, call, and recruit, you are seen as a coach at XYZ University. You cannot get caught up in details like it being a GA position or not. Who cares…….all everyone in the profession knows is that you are in the profession! Now, it’s up to YOU to make the most out of this opportunity! That is the best advice I can give you right now.”

If you are one of the thousands of eager want-to-be college basketball coaches, heed the advice in this article and do whatever it takes to get a shot. You will have plenty of time to move up the ladder, make a paycheck, drive the courtesy car and roam the collegiate sidelines. As they say about the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t enter. Same goes for college position. If you never earn that first position, you can not realize your dreams.

This is a journey that has no guarantees, but I have helped over 80 coaches reach jobs at the college level. If this is your goal, contact me for a mentorship opportunity with me.

Source by Randy Brown

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