Rams new uniforms: Team needed special permission from NFL to use ‘bone’ color instead of white

On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new uniforms to the general public. The new away uniforms have gotten some early headlines for appearing to be an off-white color that is being called bone.

According to Greg Beacham of the Associated Press, the Rams needed to get special permission from the NFL to wear the off-white color as their away uniform. The reasoning is that the off-white uniform combination could clash with some NFL teams’ home uniforms.

In addition, Jordan Rodrigue of The Athletic reported that NFL Films had to have players wear the “bone” uniforms on a field to make sure that they could be distinguished from a colored jersey.

NFL Films took the uniforms and a few players out to a vacant high school field in New Jersey last summer and shot activity as though it were a game, to make sure the jersey would differentiate itself enough on screen, alongside an opposing color jersey.

Rodrigue also added that the Rams had to also get permission from the NFL before removing the “TV numbers” from the shoulders of their home uniforms.

The Rams’ new uniform combinations are outside of the box and were met with mixed reviews on Twitter upon being released. Earlier this offseason, formers Rams star running back Eric Dickerson and several fans expressed their disapproval of the team’s new logo.

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