Ravens’ Lamar Jackson files suit against Amazon for ‘inflicting damage’ to his company, per report

Lamar Jackson has taken to posting entertaining videos on social media to help pass the time during coronavirus (COVID-19) quarantine, but that’s not the only thing he’s been up to. The reigning NFL MVP has a beef with Amazon over their willingness to allow third-party vendors to peddle unlicensed goods that feature his name, likeness and/or registered trademarks, and he’s now taken action. A lawsuit has reportedly been filed by the Baltimore Ravens quarterback against the multi-billion dollar company, per TMZ Sports, pitting the most dynamic player in football against one of the most powerful companies on the planet.

The merchandise in question, which Jackson directly labels as “pirated” in the lawsuit, includes t-shirts and hoodies that feature phrases like “Action Jackson”, “Lamarvelous” and “Not Bad for a Running Back”. He’s not only demanding a cease-and-desist, but he’s also seeking damages considering the vendors have likely already profited from sales. 

Jackson isn’t pulling punches either, noting to the court his belief Amazon “inflicted damage upon him and his company”, and furthers that said damages have been “significant”– per ESPN. In his two seasons at the NFL level, he’s Jackson has become as synonymous with his coined phrases as he has for his record-setting play on the field and his company, Era 8 Apparel, holds the rights to the aforementioned former.

It’s unclear when and how this will all be sorted out in the end, but Jackson wants recompense and he wants it now. What is clear is how Jackson refuses to back down from anyone, and not simply between the white lines. 

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