Redskins’ Ron Rivera shares how his family will help him during the all-virtual 2020 NFL Draft

The NFL is entering uncharted territory this week. The NFL Draft is going completely virtual this year, which may bring up several unanticipated challenges both coaches and general managers will have to deal with. While some feel prepared — showing off their full war room complete with several TVs and computers — one simple WiFi outage could cause massive problems. 

One NFL coach, however, is employing the services of his family to help him during one of the NFL’s biggest events. Ron Rivera of the Washington Redskins says he will be relying on his wife and his daughter when the Cincinnati Bengals kick things off on Thursday night. 

“It’s teamwork, just like in the military,” Rivera said, via ESPN. “Everyone in the house will be doing something.”

Rivera’s wife, Stephanie, and his daughter, Courtney, will spend the weekend crossing off prospects’ names as they come off the board — and Stephanie is also listed as an emergency contact number for the league should things go wrong. Their assistance will allow Rivera to stay focused on the big-screen TVs and computers that occupy his draft room. 

According to ESPN, Rivera has two televisions — one 80 inches and the other 60 inches. The Redskins’ IT department also provided three laptops, a desktop, two hard-line phones, a speaker setup and a printer. It’s safe to say that the Rivera clan is ready for whatever. But not only are Rivera’s wife and daughter helping him with the 2020 NFL Draft, so are his two dogs. 

“Comfort support,” Rivera said.

The Redskins currently have the No. 2 overall pick in the draft and are rumored to take former Ohio State pass rusher Chase Young. Then again, they could trade down if presented with an intriguing offer.

“I always tell everybody, ‘You never know,'” Rivera said. “I do like where we are, I do like the circumstances, and I do like the players at that pick. With our first pick, it has to be an impact player.”

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