Rob Gronkowski reportedly interested in returning to NFL, Patriots and Bucs talking trade

After one year of retirement, it appears that Rob Gronkowski might be ready to return to the NFL, and apparently, he doesn’t want to be playing for the Patriots when he does come back. 

According to, Gronk has informed the Patriots that he’s interested in playing football again, and not only that, the retired tight end has also told the team that if he does come back, he would want to do reunite with Tom Brady, which means New England would have to work out a deal with Tampa. 

When Gronk retired following the 2018 season, he had one-year remaining on his contract, so if he comes out of retirement, the Patriots would own his rights for one more season. Of course, that doesn’t mean that something can’t be done to make Gronk’s wishes come true. 

One reason the Patriots would be open to a deal is because of their precarious salary cap situation. As of April 21, the Patriots have roughly $2.1 million in salary cap space, which is a huge issue, because if Gronk comes out of retirement, they’d have to immediately make room for his $9.25 million cap hit. If they couldn’t make the room, then the Patriots would have two options: Trade him immediately or cut him. 

If the Patriots could work out a deal with Tampa before Gronk officially came out of retirement, then New England wouldn’t have to deal with his cap hit. 

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