Samson: LeBron James should’ve been more tactful with coronavirus comments

Over the weekend, Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James said he doesn’t want to play if fans can’t attend games due to the coronavirus outbreak. James stated that he plays the game for the fans.

During Monday’s installment of “Nothing Person with David Samson,” host David Samson weighed in on James’ comments and believes that James should’ve stated his intentions in a different way. Samson said that James should’ve spoken about how much he enjoys the crowd noise and this could be an escape for fans even if they’re just watching on television.

“How about going public and saying this? The reason why I would prefer not to play without fans because I love the energy provided by the people in LA and wherever we play on the road,” Samson said. “I love the feeling of the crowd noise and of people excitedly coming to games and enjoying my entertainment. However, if it is safer not to play in front of fans, then I’m going to play my best for everyone at home watching on TV, for everyone who is quarantined.”

There have been a reported 13 cases of coronavirus in Los Angeles county so far, so it’s certainly an ongoing concern. The NBA is reportedly scheduled to have a league-wide conference call on Wednesday to discuss strategies to have in place if the virus continues to be an issue.

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