Samson: What fans can do to stay safe and help bring sports back

The coronavirus has altered the freedoms that many people take for granted throughout the world. Now people can’t even turn to sports as an escape from reality because the majority of professional leagues are on hiatus.

During Monday’s installment of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” David Samson was asked what fans could do to help get sports back. Samson’s response was a fairly simple one as he urged people to stay home and quarantine in an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“You can stay quarantined, you can stay home. You can be safe,” Samson said. “You can self-isolate if you’ve been exposed to anyone who’s sick. You can help out anyone you can if you’ve got family members or if you yourself have to leave home to be a delivery worker, work in a grocery store or pharmacy, or work in a restaurant who is doing takeout. You can take care of yourself by wearing gloves. You can take care of yourself by washing your hands. You can take care of yourself by making sure not to get anyone sick. If you’re sick, don’t go into your job.”

Events like the NCAA Tournament and Olympics have already been canceled or postponed. The NBA, NHL, and MLB have seen their seasons put on hold and there’s no guarantee that any of them will return any time soon.

While it may be difficult sometimes, people need to remain in their homes and try to prevent the further spread of this terrible disease. If that happens, perhaps the world can return to a state of normalcy down the road and sports can return to our lives.

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