Seahawks star defender says Russell Wilson ‘isn’t going anywhere,’ expects QB to stay ‘for a very long time’

Wild Card Round - Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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The disconnect between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks appears very real, with The Athletic reporting this week that the quarterback’s camp has even broached potential trade destinations with the organization. While Wilson has not outright requested out of Seattle, per ESPN, his own agent has gone as far as publicly identifying four preferred landing spots. But one of Wilson’s longest-tenured teammates isn’t buying it, with K.J. Wright telling NFL Network on Friday that the quarterback “isn’t going anywhere.”

“I was kind of caught off guard myself, but … Russ isn’t going anywhere,” the veteran linebacker said in a “Good Morning Football” interview. “As long as I’ll be in Seattle, Russ is going to be the quarterback. He means too much to us. He means way too much to the organization. He means way too much to this city. And usually people wanna come to Seattle, not leave Seattle. So, I’m sure that him and the organization will get things figured out. He’s somebody that I admire and love playing with, and I expect Russ to be a Seahawk for a very long time.”

It’s probably a coincidence that Wright tied his own Seahawks tenure to that of Wilson, especially considering the 31-year-old linebacker could depart Seattle as a free agent in March. His main point is clear, and likely shared league-wide: Odds are the Seahawks will find a way to smooth things over with their franchise QB, who just agreed to a $140 million extension in 2019.

Then again, this offseason hasn’t exactly put the seriousness of QB unrest to bed. The Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have parted ways with former No. 1 and No. 2 picks in Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, respectively, in part because of relationships gone sour — and in spite of their massive contracts. While neither Wilson nor the Seahawks appear on the verge of engaging trade talks, which would assuredly draw unprecedented offers from around the NFL, it’d be foolish to assume a future deal is completely off the table.

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