Security – Common Wealth Games

With the Common Wealth Games 2010 is round the corner, the sporting fever in India is at its acme.

And to make this mega sporting fiesta a successful event, Indian government is keeping no stone unturned.

Common Wealth Games which is scheduled to be held from October 3 to 14, is the first of its kind in India and New Delhi is the proud city which is hosting this event within its territory. More than 4,000 athletes from over 50 countries are expected to compete in 17 sports at the New Delhi Games, making it the biggest sporting event held in India. It is believed that Games of 2010 is a bliss for India as it would enhance the sporting culture as well as open new doors for tourism sector in our country.

Despite all the concrete planning, security factor for Common Wealth Games 2010 is keeping Indian government on its toes. Central Government along with Delhi government is trying all possible ways to prevent this occasion from the shadow of any disaster. Strict security arrangements are made by the government.

Security For Common Wealth Games, 2010:

  • To make these games a memorable one, Indian government has adopted security methods similar to those used in the Beijing Olympics of 2008. Games Village and other venues Delhi Games are constantly under strict vigilance.

  • Government has prepared an action plan to set up an integrated security system (ISS) to cover all the competition, training and non-competition venues and provide foolproof security for the Commonwealth to be held in the national capital in October 2010. It would cost around Rs 370 crore.

  • Indian government has also constituted an international security liaison group which includes representatives from various Central security agencies, Delhi Police, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of External Affairs in liaison with the security administrators of all the participating countries in the Games.

  • Special monitoring equipments like electronic surveillance, CCTV, X-ray baggage scanner etc are placed on the important locations, to keep check on any kind of disturbance and trouble.

  • Even other Indian states has also beefed up their security which are likely to be visited by the tourists during the Common Wealth Games. These Indian states have deployed a force of “tourist police” far before the Games begin. Other Indian states are also likely follow this plan.

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