Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Franz Beckenbauer

His full name is Franz Anton Beckenbauer. He was born 11 September 1945. He was born in Munich as the second son of Antonie Beckenbauer and began playing football with SC Munich `06. Now he is a German soccer player coach, manager, and ex-player. He has nickname Der Kaiser (“The Emperor”).

Franz Beckenbauer is the best football player that Germany has ever produced. He is in general considered as the greatest German soccer player of all time and as one of the greatest players in the history of the game as well.

He joined the Bayern Munich youth team aged fourteen. He made his first appearance with Bayern in the Regionalliga (Regional League South) in June 1964 and advanced to the Bundesliga in 1965. Bayern rapidly became a force in the new German league, winning the German Cup in 1966-67 and attaining European victory in the Cup Winners` Cup in 1967. Beckenbauer became captain of the team for the 1968-69 season and led his club to their first league title.

He got many awards. But it is not only for the medals and trophies that Beckenbauer is remembered. Rather it is for the technique and the brilliance. All movement he made on the playing field bristled with stylishness. There was arrogance in his games that suggested he was always in command – “Emperor Franz” and “The Kaiser” they called him. But more than that, he was a great thinker in relation to the game and brought about a revolution in the way it is played by inventing the position of the attacking sweeper.

Source by John Castrow

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