Spanish triathlete lets competitor who made wrong turn finish ahead of him

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Good sportsmanship is often a huge part of athletic competition, but during Sunday’s 2020 Santander Triathlon in Spain it was taken to another level. British athlete James Teagle was set to finish in third place at the annual triathlon and was just 100 yards from doing so. However, Teagle got confused when he saw a cheering crowd and began running toward the people — who were opposite the finish line .

With Teagle running in the wrong direction, Spanish triathlete Diego Mentrida had a chance to finish in third place ahead of the Brit. However, in an incredible showing of sportsmanship, Mentrida pulled back, allowed Teagle to realize his mistake, and then pass him to finish in third place.

“He deserved it. This is something my parents and my club taught me since I was a child,” Mentrida said following the race. “My view is it should be a normal thing to do.”

Teagle took to Instagram to thank Mentrida, writing his competitor showed “incredible sportsmanship and integrity.”

For his showing of sportsmanship, the organizers of the Santander Triathlon awarded Mentrida an honorary third-place finish. In doing so, Mentrida earned third-place winnings, which amount to $355.

Javier Gomez Noya, who ended up winning the race, called Mentrida’s classy move “the best in history.”

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