Spenco For Football and Soccer Players

Football and soccer players are subject to some very specific foot and ankle injuries. Some of these injuries are attributed to the uneven playing surface of grass and dirt which can grow in clumps. Some injuries are attributed to how the foot is used. Many experts agree that using Spenco Insoles can increase comfort and performance while reducing the chance of injuries from the field or motion of the foot.

Spenco Insoles are specifically designed to correct improper foot alignment, support the foot from heel to ball through the arch, and cushion the foot properly with heel strike and additional metatarsal cushioning. This design has been proven to greatly reduce the chance of injury.

When the foot and body are in proper alignment, the bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons work together as they should. This decreases the chance of many injuries from being off balance due to the uneven surface of most playing fields. When the foot is supported, it supports the whole body.

Other injuries are caused by strike stress from running, walking and kicking the ball. Spenco Insoles are made of materials such as Polysorb, a polyurethane cushioning compound, gel, and closed cell foams. These materials absorb shock and strike impacts while comfortably cushioning and cradling the foot. Many of these materials allow for energy return, which can greatly reduce the effects of strikes on the foot, especially from running and kicking the ball.

In addition to reducing the chance of injuries, using Spenco insoles can increase the performance of any football or soccer player. Since Spenco Insoles help align the body properly, which allows for the joints to work as intended by nature, the body can expend less energy holding itself together and more energy into moving up and down the field and controlling the ball. Some experts believe that when the foot and body work in unison, the nerve paths are more open as well, leading to more sensitivity to feel the ground and the ball, but also admit that more studies are necessary to prove this theory.

Even without added sensitivity, using quality Cushioning Insoles is a great idea for football and soccer players. Being able to cushion and support feet properly to improve stability and reduce the chance of injuries can be a wonderful advantage over just sports shoes alone.

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