Super Bowl 2021: Michael Irvin gives insight into which QB he’d take for a late-game comeback in Super Bowl LV

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Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes have both erased double-digit comebacks in the Super Bowl, which is why both quarterbacks have been discussed as the top clutch quarterbacks in NFL history. Brady has a 10-point fourth-quarter comeback in Super Bowl XLIX and a 28-3 comeback in Super Bowl LI while Mahomes eliminated a 10-point fourth quarter deficit last year. 

Michael Irvin gave his insight on which quarterback he would take in a fourth-quarter comeback in the biggest game of the season. Irvin is going with the quarterback that has the most comebacks ever in the postseason. 

“I want it to be Tom Brady. Period,” Irvin told The Ringer’s Kyle Brandt on the “10 Questions with Kyle Brandt” podcast. “Ultimately, Kyle, these moments are made on the certain moments that you can make that play when you have to. Don’t tell me about what Tom did. Tell me about did he do what he needed to do to win the game? 

“And the answer has been yes to the tune of him in his 10th Super Bowl. That’s all I want. Aaron Rodgers been in one. Because somewhere along the line he didn’t make the right decision. It’s about decision making. We just get caught up on talent.” 

Brady’s nine fourth-quarter comebacks are the most in NFL playoff history and his 39 in the regular season are the second-most in league history (Peyton Manning has 43). Brady’s six Super Bowl victories are more than all but one franchise — the New England Patriots — who won all six of their titles with Brady. The oldest quarterback to start a Super Bowl (43 years, 188 days), Brady’s 10th Super Bowl start will give him more than any other two quarterbacks in NFL history combined.

Mahomes is no slouch to postseason comebacks either. Mahomes has four playoff victories in which his team has trailed by nine-plus points, winning each of those games by nine-plus points — the most in NFL history. No other quarterback in league history has more than one such win. 

Impressive, but Irvin will still go with Brady. 

“Brady is embarking upon, touching the greatest athlete period across sports with what he’s doing right now,” Irvin said. “If he wins this Super Bowl, and he has the same team coming back again, and do it again, we’re leaving talking about him being the greatest quarterback. We’re talking about comparing him to the greatest athlete period to ever live.”

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