Fantasy Baseball Prospect Analysis: Answering top questions about the top 100 prospects

Like many baseball analysts, I have a top 100 prospects list. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. It recently got a facelift, incorporating some developments from the abbreviated spring training. My prospect rankings are different for all the normal reasons anyone’s rankings would be different from anyone Read more

Ranking MLB’s top 100 players with 2020 season on hold: Cole, deGrom battle for top pitcher’s spot

Because of the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, we don’t yet know when the 2020 regular season will grace us with its presence. Despite all that prevailing uncertainty, the time has come to rank the top 100 players in baseball for 2020. The rankings you’ll soon be yelling about are based upon Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus teammates give up $100 million to help club during coronavirus pandemic

Cristiano Ronaldo, his teammates and coach Maurizio Sarri have given up $100 million (about €90 million) in combined wages to help the club during the coronavirus pandemic. The club has had three players test positive for COVID-19, including star attacker Paulo Dybala. The forgoing of wages, which the club announced this Read more

Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Top 100 prospect rankings, complete with potential 2020 impact

Guys, prospects. You know what I’m talking about. They’re young, they’re good and they’re due to arrive sometime soon. How soon? Well, it varies. I’ve assessed the likelihood of a 2020 contribution for each of these 100, with designations ranging from “pencil him in” to “don’t count on it.” But Read more