Bundesliga guide for soccer dummies: Answering questions for American fans new to German league

Bundesliga, Germany’s top-flight soccer league, is getting set to return from its coronavirus hiatus this weekend, bringing an end to the shutdown that started in March. Since there’s a notable absence of sports here in North America, there’s a chance you’re interested in checking out Bundesliga action to see what Read more

2020 NFL Draft: Answering the big questions surrounding Tua Tagovailoa, Patriots strategy and more

The speculation ends tomorrow night. NFL teams will provide the answers to the questions that fans have been salivating over for the past two months. Thursday night is a momentary return to normalcy that we all need right now. In an effort to provide some further distraction and occupy some Read more

Fantasy Baseball Prospect Analysis: Answering top questions about the top 100 prospects

Like many baseball analysts, I have a top 100 prospects list. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. It recently got a facelift, incorporating some developments from the abbreviated spring training. My prospect rankings are different for all the normal reasons anyone’s rankings would be different from anyone Read more