Oakland Athletics all-time team: Bash Brothers, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson headline prolific roster

We’re all in this together. We need to avoid going stir crazy here with the coronavirus having shut down most of our everyday lives. Given that this is a sports website and I write on the baseball side, here’s me doing my part. We’re going to have a 30-day series Read more

Oakland Athletics minor league manager taken off ventilator as he recovers from coronavirus

Webster Garrison, a former major-league player and current minor-league manager with the Oakland Athletics, has resumed breathing completely on his own and no longer requires a ventilator as he continues to recover from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), his fiance, Nikki Trudeaux wrote on Twitter. Garrison has been hospitalized with COVID-19 Read more

Connecticut high school athletics organization claims it’s not subject to Title IX regulations

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), the organization that oversees high school sports in the state of Connecticut, argued that the group is not subject to federal law guaranteeing equal access to women and girls in education, including athletics in a court filing submitted on March 13. The argument comes Read more

Athletics become first MLB team to switch to streaming-only platform from traditional radio

The Oakland Athletics are the first MLB team that will permanently switch to a full-time audio streaming platform from traditional radio. The team will be broadcasting their games on TuneIn beginning in the 2020 season, according to a press release. A’s Cast, the team’s streaming service, will be the exclusive Read more