Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview: Sleepers, breakouts, busts, top prospects, rankings, and more for 2020

More than ever, we really have to differentiate between the middle infield positions on Draft Day. You can’t just lump shortstop and second base together anymore, because there’s a significant difference between what you can expect from the two positions. Shortstop looks a lot more like first or third base Read more

Scott White’s Fantasy Baseball Draft Manifesto: Top starting pitchers, base stealers all that matter anymore

We’ve arrived at a crossroads in Rotisserie play. Increasingly, Major League Baseball has become a game of extremes. There are numerous reasons for it, but I can mostly explain it with two. Our collective research, wisdom and experience has revealed that the most valuable thing a hitter can do is Read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Second base strategy guide, along with sleepers and ADP review

If there’s a position that’s scarce heading into 2020, it’s … well, it’s catcher. But if there’s one that’s scarcity actually reverberates in Fantasy Baseball, it’s second base. Why the distinction? Well, some of the second base-eligible players might be drafted to fill other positions. Some might even be drafted Read more