Fantasy Baseball Mailbag: On waiver moves in a condensed season, the merits of Roto play and Giancarlo Stanton

It’s always tricky, weighing the immediate payoff vs. the rest-of-season outlook, and the deeper you get into a season, the more the scales tip toward the immediate. Everyone has their own sense of when is the right time to pull the plug on a player — mine is probably earlier Read more

MLB shortened season simulations show 2020 could be unpredictable with condensed schedule

Nearly two weeks have passed since Major League Baseball suspended operations in response to the spread of the novel coronavirus. Opening Day had been scheduled for Thursday (March 26), but now won’t occur until later in the summer, depending on the effectiveness of the containment strategies imposed across the country. Read more

Before outright cancellation, NCAA considered a condensed 16-team 2020 NCAA Tournament in Atlanta

As the fate of the 2020 Division I NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament danced on a balance for more than 24 hours earlier this week, the NCAA considered almost every possible alternative to saving its most prestigious event. The one alternative that was most seriously discussed was a shrunken 16-team field Read more