Coronavirus: NBPA tells agents it doesn’t expect big drop from $115M salary cap projection, per report

The NBA is losing more and more money each day that passes without basketball games being played. Considering how closely tied the league’s salary structure is to the revenue that it brings in, that should, in theory, be catastrophic to the mechanisms that facilitate roster construction. Specifically, the salary cap, Read more

UEFA emergency meeting: What to expect with Euro 2020, Champions League decisions looming

Tuesday is a big day for UEFA as the organization discusses the immediate future of the sport in Europe during the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly every European league has been postponed as numerous clubs have confirmed positive cases. Representatives of the sport are scheduled to meet in an emergency meeting with Read more

NFL Free Agency Fantasy Fallout: Don’t expect a repeat of 2019 with Ryan Tannehill returning to Titans

Mar 15, 2020 at 2:43 pm ET • 1 min read Get the latest insights @FantasyFootballToday My expectation has always been that Ryan Tannehill would return to Tennessee in 2020. How could they not bring him back after his spectacular 2019? The team won seven of his 10 regular season starts and Read more