Programs and coaches that have taken financial cuts because of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruptions around the globe, and the college football world is no exception. Spring practices and spring games were canceled, football-related activities have been shut down and the recruiting calendar has been disrupted after the NCAA implemented an emergency dead period as people around the Read more

Boise State furloughs football coaching staff to help ease financial burden caused by coronavirus

Several collegiate coaches across the country have volunteered to take pay cuts as a result of budget concerns created by the coronavirus pandemic. Boise State, however, is taking its personnel changes to a new level to ease the financial burden. The school announced Monday that all employees who make more Read more

Coronavirus: Youth sports are feeling the financial brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic, report says

If there’s a sports industry that is familiar with the negative effects of an event that hurts the local or national economy, it’s that of youth sports. It’s an easy-to-understand logical trail: a parent that loses their income will likely not be putting whatever limited funds they have into a Read more

How pandemic insurance is helping Wimbledon stave off the brunt of the financial impact caused by COVID-19

Wimbledon had a plan for coronavirus. Or rather, they had a plan for some kind of catastrophic emergency that would force the world’s most famous tennis tournament to have to cancel. More specifically, the All-England Lawn Tennis Club, the private club that provides the venue for the Wimbledon Championships, was Read more

Iowa State announces pay cuts and bonus reductions for coaches to make up for financial challenges

Athletic departments around the country are facing unforeseen financial challenges because of the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament. Plus, many face an uncertain future as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress across the country. One Division I department is already preparing for what’s next. Iowa State announced on Wednesday new Read more

College sports’ bleak financial future in wake of coronavirus pandemic apparent in AD survey

The nation’s FBS athletic directors have painted a bleak financial picture of college sports going forward in what qualifies as the most extensive survey of the impact of the coronavirus on their profession. Among the conclusions of Lead1 Association’s annual FBS AD survey is the potential for a financial tsunami Read more

FIFA considering emergency fund to help clubs and leagues with financial challenges due to coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the sporting world to a standstill and has resulted in quite the economic impact in soccer. Numerous club, including Juventus and Barcelona, have seen players take significant pay cuts to their wages to help balance the books and ensure other club employees are getting paid Read more