Colts sign Trey Burton, reuniting Frank Reich with ‘Philly Special’ passer from Eagles’ Super Bowl victory

Trey Burton, a veteran tight end who spent the past two seasons with the Bears, agreed to terms with the Colts on Wednesday, according to his representatives.  The move reunites Burton with Colts head coach Frank Reich, who was Burton’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia during the 2016 and ’17 seasons. Read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Comparing Rotisserie rankings for Scott White and newcomer Frank Stampfl

The rankings page was looking pretty lonely for a few months there. It was me vs. the computer, basically, with only the SportsLine model displayed alongside my own interpretation for 2020. But within just the past couple weeks, we’ve introduced Frank Stampfl as the new host of the Fantasy Baseball Read more

Why Dion Waiters joining the Lakers could impact Rajon Rondo’s role and Frank Vogel’s internal credibility

Dion Waiters has spent his career as a casualty of contention. The Cleveland Cavaliers were happy to indulge his itchy trigger finger in their lottery years, but determined he could not survive in the LeBron James ecosystem in under three months. The Oklahoma City Thunder scooped him up in the Read more