NBA will not allow fans at games if season resumes; decision could stretch into June, report says

The NBA is slowly but surely figuring out what it would take to finish the 2019-20 season in light of the coronavirus pandemic still sweeping across the globe. On Friday, just as teams reopened their practice facilities for individual workouts, commissioner Adam Silver held a conference call with players that Read more

Fake sports interviews with yourself after video games or activities are a real thing; and have real benefits

The times are such that not so long ago I used a random number generator to simulate the 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that never was and posted the results to Twitter.  In an outcome that left me marbled with contempt, Duke prevailed. There’s nothing novel about detesting Duke basketball, but Read more

Tokyo Olympic organizers upset after IOC claims Japan will pay cost of postponed games

Tokyo Olympic organizers and the International Olympic Committee have not yet agreed on who will foot the bill for the postponed 2020 Olympics and on Tuesday the stalemate escalated. An argument broke out over who would pay for the games when Tokyo spokesman Masa Takaya announced that the Olympic organizing Read more

UEFA considering holding all remaining 2020 Champions League games in August, per report

On Tuesday, UEFA will meet with its 55 federations to discuss the Champions League and European leagues resuming once countries have the coronavirus pandemic under control. Reportedly, one of the plans is having the rest of the Champions League take place in August. The competition has been suspended indefinitely for Read more

NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr on neutral-site games: ‘we haven’t had those discussions yet’

As the NHL and its union look to resume play following the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the options they’re considering is holding the Stanley Cup Playoffs in neutral sites to contain the spread of the virus. But, according to ESPN, those discussions haven’t gone far.  “Other than the general understanding Read more