2020 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: Latest H2H points mock shows SPs as in-demand as ever in Head-to-Head play

After our previous mock draft, which also happened to be the first for a standard 12-team Rotisserie league since we found out the start of the season would be delayed, I pointed out how it seemed like high-end starting pitchers were sliding in response. Fair to say we were back Read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Which player values change the most in H2H points vs. Rotisserie?

Every now and then, someone will ask us to highlight the differences between the two predominant formats played on CBSSports.com and discussed on the Fantasy Baseball Today podcast, those of course being Head-to-Head and Rotisserie. And yeah, I can offer a dry explanation that would provide sort of a nebulous understanding Read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft: Head-to-Head points auction results underscore demand for SPs in H2H format

This auction was bonkers, yo. I’d say it makes for a poor representation of what you can expect from your own 12-team Head-to-Head points auction, but … well, maybe it doesn’t. It just depends how attuned your league is to the latest trends. Seems like every mock draft or auction Read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: AL-only H2H points mock reveals scarcity at starting pitcher, first base

If you thought the markup for starting pitching was high in all those other mock drafts, you haven’t seen anything yet. Head-to-Head points is of course the format that most favors starting pitching, and AL-only is of course the player pool with the least of it to offer. But what Read more