MLBPA chief Tony Clark shoots down idea of players taking additional pay cuts: ‘That negotiation is over’

With Major League Baseball continuing to search for a way to play the 2020 season around the spread of the novel coronavirus, one recent point of discussion has been player compensation. That conversation was spurred last week by an unlikely source: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who recalled a phone Read more

David Samson: Mike Trout’s opinion on the MLB Arizona plan doesn’t matter, the problems with the idea do

Sports leagues are trying to figure out a way to resume games while keeping everyone safe during the coronavirus pandemic, but there is no easy solution. Rumors of an “Arizona plan” to play the MLB season have been swirling, with many players speaking out about their concerns with the idea. Read more

Alex Rodriguez likes Justin Turner’s idea of ending extra-inning games with home run derbies

Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner offered a fun way to end extra-inning games over a potentially shortened 2020 MLB season: home-run derbies to end tied games. And while the idea drew skepticism from some, New York Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez voiced his approval. Speaking on ESPN’s “Get Up!” Read more

Mark Cuban doesn’t have a date in mind for NBA return, but likes idea of next season starting on Christmas

The NBA season has followed roughly the same schedule for the league’s entire existence. Broadly speaking, the season starts in the fall, usually in October or November, and ends in the late spring or early summer, stretching from April in the league’s earlier days into June now. The only things Read more

Hawks CEO Steve Koonin proposes to start NBA season in December, league is open to the idea

For many casual fans, the NBA doesn’t really start until Christmas, when the league takes over the sports world for one of their marquee days. But what if the actual opening night was in December? That’s what Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin proposed in a presentation at the MIT Sloan Read more

Top NFL players continue to shoot down idea of 17-game regular season in CBA talks: ‘I disagree with it’

There’s much to hammer out if the NFL is going to achieve its goal of enacting a new collective bargaining agreement prior to the start of the new league year on March 18. With matters such as possible changes to the marijuana ban and testing window being one of them, Read more