Bracketology Bubble Watch: Indiana, NC State, Stanford, Xavier play important games in conference tournaments

It has been a quiet couple of days for the bubble. However, conference tournaments are starting in most the major conferences today and that means a few of the bubble teams are in action. In these early round games, that usually means avoiding disaster and Wednesday is no exception. Bracketology Read more

Bubble Watch: Indiana, Cincinnati, Xavier, Wichita State face important tests on Sunday

In case your calendar is not working this morning, welcome to March! Two weeks of madness remains before we move on to the Madness™ itself. On a busy bubble Saturday, some teams helped themselves; others not so much, including two Big 12 teams going in very different directions.  Also, three Read more

Manchester United, Arsenal continue Premier League climb with important victories

Manchester United and Arsenal, two Premier League giants, were left for dead in December and looked highly unlikely to contend for European spots. A couple months later, they both look like they could play their way into qualification for continental competition next season. The Red Devils and Gunners greatly boosted Read more

Giannis at center, Celtics’ best five and the most important lineups for Eastern Conference’s top contenders

Regular-season coaching largely takes place behind the scenes. The implementation of a system and the development of players is invisible work and can largely be judged solely on results that are based on too many factors to calculate.  Playoff coaching, though, is much more of a public chess match. Every Read more

Lakers’ small ball, Rockets’ bench units and most important lineups for Western Conference’s top contenders

The idea of a basketball game is, in itself, something of a misnomer. Really, it is a series of microgames. Five players take the floor, share it for a few minutes, and then a new combination takes over. Over the course of 48 minutes, a team might use over a Read more

2020 NFL Combine: Most important drills for each position, including target times and distances

Context is absolutely vital when watching the NFL combine. Every time in the 40-yard dash, every inch in the vertical, etc., has a different meaning for different positions. By reading this article, this year you will head into your viewing experience of the combine with a firm grasp on which Read more