2020 NFL Draft Preview: Expert picks for top Fantasy running back, best sleepers, ideal landing spots

With the NFL Draft set to kick off Thursday night, the Fantasy football player pool is about to see a significant injection of talent. And, while the quarterbacks and wide receivers are garnering most of the headlines from the draftniks, Fantasy players know who has the best chance of making Read more

Fantasy Baseball Outfield Preview: Sleepers, breakouts, busts, top prospects, rankings, and more for 2020

Outfield is a tough position to break down for Fantasy in 2020, because there’s no one way to approach it. It is the most top-heavy position, with the potential for each of the first five picks in your draft to come from there, but it’s also an incredibly deep position Read more

Fantasy Baseball Relief Pitcher Preview: Sleepers, breakouts, busts, SPARPS, rankings, and more for 2020

Apr 20, 2020 at 12:46 pm ET • 2 min read Get the latest insights @CBSFantasyBB Here’s a simple bit of advice when it comes to drafting relievers: Ignore last year’s save totals. Saves obviously play an outsized role in reliever value in both Roto and H2H scoring formats, but Read more

Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Preview: Sleepers, breakouts, busts, top prospects, rankings and more for 2020

How absurdly stacked is the shortstop position these days? Fernando Tatis, who just hit .317 with 22 homers and 16 steals in 84 games as a 20-year-old is barely in the top five at the position in early ADP; Gleyber Torres and his 38 homers as a 22-year-old don’t crack Read more

Fantasy Baseball Second Base Preview: Sleepers, breakouts, busts, top prospects, rankings, and more for 2020

More than ever, we really have to differentiate between the middle infield positions on Draft Day. You can’t just lump shortstop and second base together anymore, because there’s a significant difference between what you can expect from the two positions. Shortstop looks a lot more like first or third base Read more

Fantasy Baseball Catcher Preview: Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts, top prospects, rankings, and more for 2020

Catcher remains the weakest position in Fantasy — doubly so for those of you playing in two-catcher leagues. In 2019, Christian Vazquez finished as the No. 3 catcher in points leagues with 356.5 points, which would have been “good” for 20th at second base, 23rd at third base or 26th at Read more