UFC 248: Israel Adesanya proves his gumption in taking on toughest challenge available to him

Should the remaining accomplishments in middleweight champion Israel Adesanya’s UFC career mirror his incredible two-year advent into the Octagon, the narrative entering Saturday’s UFC 248 card in Las Vegas might one day undergo retellings soaked in mythology.  This might not be on the level of a fearless David slaying Goliath Read more

As Kansas avenges its loss to Baylor, Jayhawks bruiser Udoka Azubuike proves he’s a dominant force

WACO, Texas — Kansas is the current favorite to win the 2020 national title for a few reasons, but Saturday afternoon provided the most obvious of all: Udoka Azubuike is a unique, dominant, irreplaceable and inimitable college basketball player. He has no current or recent analog.   Kansas’ national title chances Read more