Louisville Slugger furloughs employees with factories empty during coronavirus pandemic

Louisville Slugger has long been one of the most famous equipment manufacturers in baseball, for both major-league teams and those at other levels. But with baseball seasons across the country on hold, the company is feeling the hurt during the coronavirus pandemic. Per the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Kentucky-based company — Read more

Ex-Astros slugger Evan Gattis says they deserve scorn for sign-stealing: We ‘cheated’ baseball and fans

Nearly three months have passed since Major League Baseball published its report on the Houston Astros’ improper use of technology to steal signs during their 2017 championship season. In the time since, the Astros have by and large avoided taking full responsibility for their acts and what they entailed — Read more

Braves slugger Marcell Ozuna has regrets about passing on Cardinals’ qualifying offer

Few teams in baseball were as aggressive as the Atlanta Braves this past offseason, and their biggest coup was landing middle-of-the-order masher Marcell Ozuna on a one-year contract worth $18 million. The 29-year-old was expected to command a three- or four-year contract going into the winter. Instead, he settled for Read more

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Giancarlo Stanton’s latest injury could turn slugger into a draft bargain

Spring training games have only just begun, and the Yankees training staff is already busy. Aaron Judge is dealing with a shoulder injury, James Paxton likely won’t pitch until June and Luis Severino is already out for the year after a Tommy John surgery diagnosis the team announced Monday. And Read more