NFL insider notes: An early look at 2021 quarterback market, time to stop blitzing Patrick Mahomes and more

It’s never too soon to start looking ahead at a quarterback market. Coming off the most fertile, strange QB market in NFL history in 2020, one can’t help but wonder what is to come next year. It won’t be as star studded and you won’t see so many accomplished quarterbacks Read more

Why eliminating in-game video access is the best way MLB can stop electronic sign-stealing

On Wednesday, commissioner Rob Manfred released his report detailing MLB’s sign-stealing investigation into the 2018 Boston Red Sox. The report comes exactly 100 days after Manfred issued a similar report regarding the 2017 Houston Astros. Houston’s scheme was more elaborate and the punishment more severe, but the fact remains: both teams Read more

Coronavirus: NBA and union agree to stop drug testing players during hiatus, report says

The NBA is in uncharted territory after the season was postponed due to the growing concerns of the coronavirus outbreak in the United States. League commissioner Adam Silver gave a 30-day minimum hiatus for when games will continue, and the CDC announced Sunday night that any gatherings of 50 people Read more

Ex-Astros pitcher regrets not being ‘brave’ enough to stop sign-stealing scandal: ‘It was tough watching that’

Right-hander Collin McHugh spent six seasons with the Houston Astros, including the 2017 World Series season where the club was found to have illegally used technology in order to steal signs. Now, McHugh, a member of the Boston Red Sox, who are under MLB investigation for allegations of sign stealing Read more