What if the Bulls did trade Scottie Pippen? Exploring three blockbusters deals that never came to fruition

It is an absolute wonder that the Chicago Bulls didn’t end up prematurely killing their dynasty by trading Scottie Pippen. General manager Jerry Krause shopped him to other teams on multiple occasions. Pippen publicly begged the Bulls for a trade on multiple separate occasions. The two sides bitterly feuded for Read more

Dennis Rodman trade: How Michael Jordan’s Bulls landed one of NBA’s best rebounders for a backup center

Will Perdue was a solid NBA player, who averaged 4.7 points per game across a 13-year career. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of production, especially when you’re playing with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. Plenty of players would trade places with him just for a chance at one of his Read more

‘The Last Dance’: Tracy McGrady recounts the trade that nearly sent him to Bulls for Scottie Pippen

The first two episodes of “The Last Dance,” the 10-part documentary series about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season debuted on Sunday night. As expected, we learned plenty of information about the team, the players and the events surrounding the organization during their title run.  It also brought Read more