The Code (Get Your Guy to Act Right Again)

The most important thing in any relationship is communication. It is very important to communicate your needs and wants to your partner. With that said before you employ the code suggested in this article below make sure that you have thoroughly tried to communicate with your partner. If he has chosen to ignore what you have said or has not put forth adequate effort to ratify the situation to your satisfaction, then employ the code.

Alpha, Gamma, Zulu, Kappa. These are some of the words that were rattled off in the movie “Crimson Tide” by the main character Denzel Washington. These particular words said in combination were the launch code for a nuclear attack that could have ended mankind as it is now known. There is another code that is just as powerful. It can work universally in most situations and has the potential to change your life as you now know it.

This code can be employed in many situations. Here are just a few examples: He has started to take you for granted. He has become less interested in spending time with you. He is reluctant to make a commitment to you. Let me explore one example a little further… You meet this guy who is so interested in you; he hangs on to your every word. He always wants to spend time with you and he is always on time to pick you up. He showers you with affection, kisses and gifts. He tells you how beautiful you are and wines and dines you. He tells you that he has plans to marry you. All of a sudden this great man seems to disappear and you don’t recognize the man that has replaced him. He barely listens when you talk and his idea of a date is sitting on a couch watching ESPN. He hasn’t done anything romantic or nice for you in ages. He doesn’t even mention getting more serious or married anymore. You still want to be with him but you are fed up with him and ready to kick him to the curb. Before you close the door on this relationship, employ the code.

What is the code? The code is a powerful tool that encompasses strategies that will help you regain power in your relationship. The codes cause your partner to sit up and take notice of you once again. Read on to find out exactly what the code is.

How do I employ the code? Employing the code is pretty simple; you don’t need to do much at all. In fact the opposite is true, you need to stop doing many of the things that you have been doing. First things first, you need to stop calling him. This advice might sound crazy but don’t turn off your computer or close the web page. I know that advice may be hard to swallow; I never said the code was going to be easy for you emotionally. You may have to suffer a little in the process in order to get your desired outcome. Most importantly you are going to have to plan even when you don’t feel like it. When is the last time that he called you? Are you the one who is always picking up the phone to connect with him? You need to change that don’t let your fingers dial his number. Let him initiate the next phone conversation if you never hear from him again, then trust me when I say he is NOT the one. If he cannot do the common act of calling, how can you expect to have a future with this person? If he does not call you back, that indicates that he does not care/ like/love you and that he isn’t interested in having a healthy successful relationship.

Not only must you not call him, you need to start ending the phone conversations first. Have you noticed that he is the one that usually has to go after only a few minutes of talking? You need to begin to turn the tables. The next time you are on the phone, let him know that you have to go. Even if you don’t have anything important to do, go ahead and get off of the phone. It should be a point of concern for you if you can’t find anything to do besides talking with him. It is time for you to find a hobby. If you can’t think of a hobby, start spending time with yourself. I suggest that you read a book, take a bath, exercise, go to school, rent a movie, create a goal for yourself. Not only will you be happier picking up a hobby or spending time with yourself, you will also be a more interesting person. If you are more interesting, he will be more interested in you. Your new hobby should not include planning the wedding for the two of you.You need to let him know that your time is valuable and that your world does not revolve around him and you are self- sufficient.

Next step, let him invite you on your next date. You should not ask him to hang out or go on a date with you. It’s okay if it takes him a while to ask you on a date. Start making other plans with your friends, coworkers or family. Hopefully you have not alienated your friends by ignoring them once you got a man. BUT DO NOT wait around for him to ask you out. If he asks you out on a day that you already have plans, DO NOT cancel your plans. He will realize that if he wants to hang out with you he will ask in advance. A booty call does not constitute a date. If he asks you over just for that reason, he is using you. If he asks you to go out, ask him what his plans are. If he mentions sex, let him know you have other plans. The third part of the code that may or may not apply to you, is in regard to gift giving. Please stop giving “just because gifts” if they are only one-sided. A man should not be with you just for what you can give him or spend on him. I have seen some women trying to buy a man’s love with gifts. If a man does not care/like/love you he will not start just because you spend a lot of money on him. A man should be the one giving to you because you are the catch. If you do not think that you are the catch please contact our self esteem adviser for more information.

As well as refraining from giving gifts you can also stop some “niceties”. If you always go out of your way to run his clothes to the dry cleaners and pick them up on your way home from work,stop. If you often clean his apartment and fold his laundry when you visit his apartment, stop. Do you do his grocery shopping for him? Stop! He needs to get a taste of what he would be missing if you were not in his life. Since this very well might be the case if he doesn’t start treating you better.

Now that we have discussed the things that you need to stop doing, let’s go over the things you need to start doing. It is time for a mini makeover. Call your hair stylist, get a pedicure and go to the mall and update your look. Make sure to keep your mini make over a secret from your guy. You want him to be surprised by your new look. Let’s say you would normally discuss a hair style change with him. Now, he realizes that he is no longer aware of your every move. If you were to get a makeover without his knowing, he will wonder what else you are up to without his knowing. He will realize that you are capable of making decisions without his input or knowledge. This will spark curiosity. When he asks you to go on your next date, I want you to look absolutely gorgeous. This mini make over is important because often we have a tendency in relationships to let ourselves go. We stop doing the things that we did in the beginning of the relationship like styling our hair or dressing up for our dates. Now is the time to let him re-appreciate your beauty.” Show him what you are working with” he may have forgotten how desirable and attractive you are. Hopefully you will be able to turn a few heads while you are out with him. This will remind him that you are desirable to other men. He needs to be reminded of this so that he can feel a little threatened. It’s good for him to know that another man is willing to take you from his hands if he isn’t willing to step it up.

Your guy is going to start realizing that the dynamics of the relationship have changed. Don’t disclose that you are using the code that would be a big mistake. If he starts questioning your actions, it’s okay to play naïve. You will probably begin to notice changes in him as well. You might start to see the guy that you fell for earlier start to come back. When he starts to do nice things like he used to, praise him and let him know that is how you like to be treated. After you see that he is committed to the change you can turn the code down a little. It is my recommendation that you continue some of the techniques. Keep up with your appearance and find time for yourself. Once he begins to treat you right again, you can continue with your niceties. It is now okay to call him and ask him to hang out. If you see him slipping back into his self then don’t hesitate to employ the code again.

I have recommended the code many times as well as used it myself. I have never seen it fail. If it happens to fail in your case, don’t feel bad. It just means that it is time to move on. You have done your part by talking to him as well as using the code. If he is unresponsive after all of this, then it is time for you to find someone new.

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