The Seattle Supersonics Zip Towards a Second NBA Championship

We live in a super world. There is the super-size meal, the Super Duper Looper roller coaster, Superman, Superwoman, and even Superdog. Meanwhile, the NBA has the Seattle Supersonics. For over three decades, the Supersonics has represented Seattle. While the team’s most super season was 1978-1979, the Supersonics are always striving to win yet another NBA Finals.

The 1967-1968 season was the Seattle Supersonics’ first campaign in the NBA. They would be one of the NBA’s pair of new expansion teams. The name “Supersonics” referred to Seattle’s aerospace industry, and particularly to the Supersonic Transport (SST). A supersonic aircraft can travel quicker than the speed of sound. The first season of the Sonics was rough, as they finished with a 23-59 record.

A decade after entering the NBA, the Sonics had a new head coach (Bob Hopkins) and several new players for the 1977-1978 season. They finished the regular season with an admirable 47-35 record. In the playoffs, the Sonics edged the Los Angeles Lakers (2-1), upset the defending champion Portland Trailblazers (4-2), and soundly defeated the Denver Nuggets (4-2). Then during the Finals, the Sonics took a 3-2 series lead against the Washington Bullets, but would ultimately lose the series (4-3).

During the next season, the Seattle Supersonics was a team on a mission. They completed the regular season with a 52-30 record and won the division crown. Seattle would defeat the Los Angles Lakers (4-2), and then overcome a 3-2 deficit to nip the Phoenix Suns (4-3). The NBA Finals showcased a rematch between the Supersonics and the Bullets. However, this time the Sonics were faster (and better) than the Bullets, and avenged their defeat one year earlier (4-3).

The Seattle Sonics would return to the NBA Finals, during the 1995-1996 season. Their 64-18 regular season record was the best in the West. In the playoffs, the Sonics would dethrone the Sacramento Kings (3-1), shoot down the Houston Rockets (4-0), and then silence the Utah Jazz in a squeaker (4-3). The Supersonics was a solid team, but Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls overpowered them in the NBA Finals (4-2).

Throughout their tenure in Seattle, the Supersonics has retired six players’ jersey numbers:

o Fred “Downtown Freddie” Brown – #32 (Guard): 1971/1972-1983/1984

Famous for his accurate outside shots and played in the 1976 All-Star Game

o Spencer Haywood – #24 (Forward): 1970-1975

Four All-Star games and two All-NBA First Teams

o Nate McMillan – #10 (Guard): 1986,1987-1997,1998

Played 12 years with the Sonics, and served as its head coach for five years

o Jack Sikma – #43 (Center): 1977/1978-1985/1986

Seven NBA All-Star games (1979-1985)

o Lenny Wilkens – #19 (Guard): 1968/1969-1971/1972

Also served as head coach (1978-1985) and general manager (1985-1986) of the Supersonics.

o Gus Williams – #1 (Guard): 1977-1980, 1981-1984

Two NBA All-Star teams and one All-NBA First Team (1982)

The Sonics play to win their next NBA Finals. Use Seattle Supersonics merchandise to cheer on the team as it flies at super speeds towards its next NBA Championship!

Source by Rick Grantham

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