The State of Baseball – MLB’s biggest challenges for 2021 and far beyond

The state of baseball has never been more in flux.

The players on the field are more talented than ever before, but increased velocity from pitchers has led to record strikeout totals and low batting averages. There is new generation of exciting young stars emerging, but with every bat flip comes another conversation about whether it violates the unwritten rules.

Major League Baseball is exploring new rules that could help solve its pace-of-play issues but is also balancing ways to appeal to traditionalists hesitant to embrace change. Meanwhile, labor issues loom that could threaten to put a stop to any potential progress.

As MLB faces these challenges, we are embarking on a season-long look exploration of the storylines that will determine how the game looks in 2021 and far beyond.

Are games too long? How can baseball maximize its new stars? We dig into the topics that will shape the game far beyond 2021. The State of Baseball »

Watch: An in-depth look into the state of baseball

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