Tim Tebow stumbles, falls while trying to catch the final out of Mets spring training game

The Tim Tebow experiment is still going on for the New York Mets during spring training, and while it has yielded some positive results (i.e. a single home run), it hasn’t done a lot to improve the former Heisman trophy winner’s chances of making the big leagues. In fact, more evidence arose on Friday to show Tebow’s a fair bit away from landing on an Opening Day roster.

It was up to the 32-year-old to make the final out of Mets-Cardinals when a pop up was hit to left field. As Tebow began tracking the ball, he ended up tripping over his own feet and falling straight to the ground. Naturally, the fall prevented him from making the catch and the ball landed harmlessly a couple feet away from him.

Not a great look from the former Broncos quarterback. Luckily for him, the fall didn’t do much damage beyond creating that embarrassing lowlight. The Mets held on to win the game with the 3-2 scoreline they would have ended the game with had Tebow made the relatively routine catch.

The lone bit of good news is that this probably helped people forget his terrible attempt at tracking a ball that eventually became a home run. While the home run wasn’t his fault, the route he took while trying to follow it left a lot to be desired.

At least neither of the clips from this year are as funny as his faceplant against a wall four years ago in the Arizona Fall League.

Tebow has been with the Mets since he signed on as a minor league free agent in September 2016. He’s played in every camp since, and participated in Spring Training games, but has yet to play at the highest level of the game. Tebow was with the Syracuse Mets last year, where he hit a paltry .164 with four home runs. That season was mercifully cut short after suffering a deep laceration to his left hand.

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