Tom Brady free agency: Jon Gruden seems like he’s getting kind of tired of answering questions about Brady

it’s a good thing there’s only one week left until free agency starts, because if it was any longer than that, there’s a good chance that Jon Gruden wouldn’t be able to handle it. The Raiders coach, who has been getting non-stop questions about Tom Brady this offseason, might have finally reached his wit’s end on the subject. 

During an event in Las Vegas this week, Gruden was once again asked about Brady, and let’s just say, he sounded slightly annoyed. 

“You’re killing me, man,” Gruden said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Although Gruden doesn’t seem to be loving the Brady questions, he answers them every time. In this case, he used the question about Brady to give a vote of confidence to his current starting quarterback, Derek Carr. 

“We love our quarterback,” Gruden said of Carr. “Our quarterback’s a really good player. I want to reiterate that to everybody here in Vegas. We’ve got a good, young quarterback, and the film, the statistics and analytics prove it.”

If it makes Gruden feel any better, Derek Carr is also getting tired of the speculation about Brady. Even though Gruden “loves” Carr, the availability of Brady has kind of thrown a wrench into things. The Raiders are one of several teams that are reportedly interested in adding the Patriots quarterback, although Carr will be glad to hear that there’s at least one report out there that has suggested that the Raiders won’t be going “all-in” to try and acquire the six-time Super Bowl winner. 

The good news for Carr is that Gruden has basically spent this entire offseason vouching for him. At the NFL Combine in February, the Raiders coach said he was hoping to “build around” his current quarterback. 

“I really think Derek is a heck of a player, and I got a lot of respect for what he has done in what was some tough circumstances,” Gruden said. “So I’m not going to answer every media rumor out there, just can’t do it. I’m just going to listen to my serious rock and roll, classic vinyl and keep working. But I love what Derek Carr did, I love what he brings to our team and anxious to continue to build around him.”

Back in January, Gruden also sounded enthusiastic about Carr, saying he was proud of his quarterback and the team in the general for taking a step forward in 2019. 

“He played good,” Gruden said of Carr. “I’m not going to get into all the next-year scenarios. I’m just going to say that 7-9 is a step forward. We took a step forward. Statistically, I think we took a step forward.”

Of course, one reason you keep hearing Brady’s name thrown around is because Mike Mayock doesn’t sound as sold on Carr. At the combine, the Raiders general manager made it clear that the team would be looking to upgrade at every position, including quarterback. 

“I’m very happy with Derek,” Mayock said. “But as I’ve said before, we will evaluate every position on our roster, and if there’s a chance to upgrade, we will look into that.”

The good news for everyone involved is that this should all be resolved by this time next week. Free agency is scheduled to kick off on March 18 and as the league’s biggest free agent, Brady isn’t expected to last long on the market. 

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