Tom Brady free agency: Madden simulation predicts the 2020 outcome for all 32 teams with Brady as their QB

For the first time in his 20-year career, Tom Brady is set to be a free agent, which means the Patriots quarterback has a huge decision to make this offseason. Brady is going to be a hot commodity on the open market and as long as he doesn’t sign a last-minute deal in New England, he’s likely going to have plenty of suitors once free agency officially kicks off on March 18. 

For the next four weeks, you’re probably going to hear a lot of speculation about what Brady should and shouldn’t do in free agency. Should he stay in New England? Should he sign with the Colts? Should he GO TO VEGAS? If you want to stay up-to-date on every rumor and piece of news surrounding Brady this offseason, make sure to click here to check out our free agency hub for the Patriots quarterback. 

But there is also a more entertaining way for us to come to a conclusion on Brady’s most likely decision. To help answer that question in a fun way, we did what no one else was willing to do: We locked Will Brinson in a room for 72 straight hours so that he could simulate the 2020 season 32 times with Brady playing on ALL 32 teams once, and we did that because we wanted to know which team Brady would have the most success with (We also did it, because we enjoy locking Brinson in rooms for 72 straight hours). 

After the dust was settled on the Madden simulation, there were a lot of surprising results. For one, Brady DID NOT make the playoffs with the Patriots. Madden doesn’t think Brady will end up in the postseason if he stays with the Patriots. 

Brady also missed out on the postseason with the Saints, Packers, Chiefs, and Ravens. The fact that Brady misses the playoffs with Baltimore actually isn’t that big of a surprise, because an offense designed for Lamar Jackson just isn’t going to run as efficiently with a 43-year-old who runs like a turtle playing quarterback. The Raiders also ended up being a bust, as Brady missed the playoffs with them. 

Here are a few other notes from the simulation: 

  • The NFC East ended up being the biggest winners here. Brady led the Redskins, Eagles, and Cowboys to the playoffs. The biggest surprise was probably the fact that he led Washington to the NFC title game. In Dallas, Brady went 10-6, but ended up losing in the divisional round. 
  • Brady’s best regular season performance came with the Bears. During his season in Chicago, Brady throws for 4800 yards and 47 touchdowns while leading the 13-3 Bears to the NFC title game. Unfortunately for everyone in Chicago, Brady does not end up winning the Lombardi Trophy with the Bears. 
  • One destination Brady has been constantly linked to this offseason is the Chargers, and in the Madden sim, he actually has a pretty good season with them. During his year with the Chargers, Los Angeles gets the top seed in the AFC, but then pulls a Chargers, and loses in the divisional round. 
  • Overall, Brady ends up missing the playoffs with 21 out of the NFL’s 32 teams. Besides the five teams we previously mentioned, the other teams that get to the playoffs with Brady under center are the Bills, Buccaneers, Jets, Lions, Rams, and Steelers
  • The only team Brady wins the Super Bowl with is… well, we won’t spoil that, you’ll just have to watch the video below to find out. 

The video comes from the Pick Six Podcast, which is’s daily NFL podcast hosted by Brinson. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast by clicking here, and definitely makes sure to watch the video below.  

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